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what in the world did mrs hudson mean when she said “you two had a little domestic?” what does domestic mean!?!?! ive been looking online like crazy! does it mean argument or something?

About three things I was absolutely positive: First, Benedict Cumberbatch was a British actor. Second, there was a part of him - and I didn't know how dominant that part might be - that just couldn't help but be absolutely flawless. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

Fangirl: You're impossibly gorgeous. And talented. Your voice is... like a jaguar in a cello. Your eyes change color... and sometimes you speak like - like you're the most intelligent person I know. You never say or think bad of others; you always stay positive.
Fangirl: How old are you?
Benedict Cumberbatch: Thirty-five.
Fangirl: How long have you been thirty-five?
Benedict Cumberbatch: About nine months and fourteen days, I think.
Fangirl: I know what you are.
Benedict Cumberbatch: Say it... out loud.
Fangirl: A British actor.
Benedict Cumberbatch: Are you afraid?
Fangirl: ... no.
Benedict Cumberbatch: Then ask me the most basic question: Why am I single?

Cutest Jew ever!!!♥





#help i’m in love with peter parker

#help i’m in love with andrew garfield

#help i’m in love with both peter parker and andrew garfield


"spencer reid is beautiful ♥ he’s like the holy godly creature made from like some eternal blinding light that flashed at the earth and shook it. when he was born, the earth went twice as fast and little magical pixies just flew everywhere sprinkling shiny colorful glitter all over the place. all the animals cheered and mated, and nature just screamed at the universe “he’s here!!”"

- me :D

i believe!


Are you sure?
Are you really sure, biebersgurl4ever1
That you never listen to bieber
Are you totally sure?

yeah, I’m pretty darn sure she doesn’t listen to JB often. Because she reall wants to be Bieber’s girl for ever

You guys must be dumb to assume that JB means justin beiber, when it could mean Jonas Brothers.